Working width 1,7 m

PLANT RESIDUES CRUSHERPLANT RESIDUES CRUSHER DU 170 Crusher is designed for crushing of all types of straw, post-harvesting residues (maize husks, potato tops, pea and rape plant residues, and weed) and annual shoots in vineyards and for mulching of weed vegetation and natural seeding.

PLANT RESIDUES CRUSHER PLANT RESIDUES CRUSHERIn order to increase its efficiency, the crusher is equipped by two rows of opposite knives of the same quality, the shape of which is adapted to the crusher jacket. Opposite knives are welded into blocks and are replaceable. In the front part, the crusher is equipped by swing flaps enabling the input of material, but preventing the outlet and increasing safety and efficiency of crushing. The machine is equipped with steering wings by which the dispersion of crushed particles is set up to the width from 1, 7 to 6m. The rotor is placed in the side walls of box in swinging bearings. The rotor is offset by knives with the shape of “S”.

PLANT RESIDUES CRUSHERCrusher drive is derived from output shaft through cardan and movably fixed gear, equipped with a free wheel, which prevents reverse transfer of twist moment to the tractor.

Working width 1700 mm
Efficiency 1 – 3 ha/h according to conditions
Branch crushing to ø 2 cm
Machine width 1975 m
Width of spread of crushed material 1,7 – 6 m according to wings setting
Rotor revolutions 2106 RPM (cardan revolutions 540 RPM)
Slope availability 11°
Tractor performance min. 80 PS
Maximal transport speed 20 km/h
Maximal work speed 15 km/h

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