Seeding machines


PNEUSEJ pneumatic seeding machines can be used not only for sowing of densely sown cereals (wheat, rye, barley, oat), but also for sowing of legumes and oil-bearing plants (pea, bean, vetch, maize, soya, rapeseed, clover etc.) and also for sowing of grass with the dimensions of grain from 1mm to 10mm.

Central feeding is the heart of the whole system. It enables maximally precise metering of sowing in the range 2 – 380kg per hectare. The central completely closed seed roller precisely proportionates the seed and supplies it to the injector canal, where it is mixed with a stream of air from the ventilator, and then it goes to the distributor through the diffusion tube, and goes further into the individual sowing coulters through the seed tubes. The residual seed in the hopper is minimal and can be spilt out by means of discharging flap.


PNEUSEJ M (3-4,5 m)- semi-mounted seeding machine intended for small and middle-sized farms. Version MS allows to modify easy mechanically or hydraulically (MSh) the working widths 4 – 4,5m to transport width 3m.
PNEUSEJ MT (6-8 m)- semi-mounted seeding machine connected by three-point linkage, intended for middle and big-sized farms.
PNEUSEJ MV (5-8 m)- semi-mounted seeding machine. It is hydraulic folding to the transport width of 3m. Simple aggregation with the machines for the soil preparation.
PNEUSEJ FT1 (3-4 m)- combination of a seed hopper supported in the front and seeding coulters supported at the back.
PNEUSEJ MK (3-4,5 m)- carrier-mounted seeding machine designed for attachment onto active and passive soil preparation machines of all types.
PNEUSEJ MKC (3-4,5 m)- compact combination of seeding machine and rotary harrow Celli, with reduced need of draw force.
PNEUSEJ MKC-magna (3-4,5m)- compact combination of seeding machine and rotary harrow, placement of hopper closer to tractor, new attachment of coulters on special square bar.
PNEUSEJ FT Fert (24, 32 outlets)- front hopper for fertilizer, in combination with seeding machine provides the sowing of seed along with dosing of fertilizer in the same line through a special fertilizer supply.
PNEUSEJ RS (4-6m)- Tine seeding machine. It is hydraulic folding to the transport width of 3m.
PNEUSEJ FANTOM- Seed drill designed for achieving maximum efficiency. Pneusej Fantom is designed to minimize working operations and to place the seed with maximum precision.
PNEUSEJ VENGA- Seed drill designed to fit the requirements of every farmer. Pneusej Venga is a lightweight machine with completely new design and construction, and thanks to the modular system is manufactured in two versions – mounted and trailed.


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