Operating width 4m - 4,8m - 5m - 5,6m - 6m

PNEUSEJ RS PNEUSEJ presents the new RS tine seeding machine for simpler sowing in heavy or stony conditions with a high operating speed of 12 to 15 km/h. The machine with four operating zones (leveling bar, tines, following harrows and press wheels) is carrier-mounted and hydraulically foldable to a transport width of 3m with the frame divided in two parts. The arrangement of tines in 5 rows helps to achieve maximum passability in conditions with a high amount of plant remains and even helps with surface levelling. The machine design and close placement of the hopper to the tractor result in the need for tractive force of 4HP per tine.

PNEUSEJ RS PNEUSEJ RS Wheels in the middle - outstanding surface traction

RS proves its qualities with the ability to trace the terrain. Placement of the main travel wheels between the second and third row of seeding machines significantly increases sowing depth maintenance. Tines in front of each wheel plane the soil and ensure stability. Uneven terrain and clods are levelled during sowing by the front Crossboard. This is particularly important for tine seeding machines because smooth operation of the machine directly shows in the placed seed depth.

Following harrows

The RS seeding machine offers two standard equipment harrowing springs options. Reliable seed covering is ensured by specially shaped harrowing springs mounted in two parallel rows. The spring shape helps the seed covering harrow to go through larger and damp mulch without any problems. For extremely stony conditions the machine can be equipped with two rows of straight finger springs. The pressure and aggressiveness of the following harrow can be adjusted by changing the spring pressure and angle of following beam.

PNEUSEJ RS PNEUSEJ RS Following harrow frame and press wheels

The machine can be equipped with one row of V harrowing springs and press wheels. Press wheels are mounted on elastomeric rollers to ensure continuity in the event of collision with obstacles. The wheel pressure is continuously adjustable by the screw stretcher. In very damp conditions, the wheels can be lifted up.

Tines and their arrangement

2 types of tines are available as standard equipment: - straight tines, suitable for stony soils - "S" tines with an acute angle designed for simultaneous cultivation and sowing Sowing tines are arranged in five rows spaced at least 320mm apart.

Standard equipment:

  • original Accord dosing system (1-380 kg/ha)
  • five rows of straight seeding tines
  • double-row precision harrows
  • 4 travelling wheels 26x12-12 (machines with a width of 4m are equipped with only two wheels)
  • 1500 l hopper capacity
  • 1000 RPM mechanical ventilator drive
  • 4 step stair
  • hydraulically operated disc markers adjustable to the centre or tractor wheel
  • track tillers of tractor, 4 pieces
  • set of lights for road transport

Additional equipment

  • cardan shaft
  • hydraulic ventilator drive
  • 500l hopper extension
  • hydraulically controlled front "Crossboard"
  • pre-emergence markers
  • finger following harrow in two rows for stony conditions
  • V harrowing springs + pressure wheels 340x50
  • shut-down for 1/2 of the machine width during sowing
  • electronic tramlining Drillmat
  • electronic tramlining and drive of the doser by electromotor Drilltronic
  • sowing tines with acute angles

Technical parameters

Operating width 4 4,8 5 5,6 6
Number of rows 32/26 38/32 40/32 40 48/40
Width of rows (cm) 12,5/15 12,5/15 12,5/15 14 12,5/15
Hopper capacity štandardne 1500 litrov (nadstavba + 500 litrov)
Performance (ha/h) 2-4,8 2,4-5,8 2,5-6,1 2,8-6,7 3-7,1
Operating speed (km/h) max. 12
weight of seeding machine (kg) 1760/1715 2000/1945 2035/1970 2100 2190/2144


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