Working width 3 – 4 – 4,5 m

PASSIVE TILLERPASSIVE TILLER Optimal solution for the preparation of seed-bed in light and moderately hard soils. The PK passive tiller is a cheaper alternative of rotary harrow, whereby it reaches negligible costs of wearing based on passive tools. The operation of the machine is highly economical. It is possible to prepare seed-bed and sow by single drive.
The passive tiller in combination with the MK seeding machine can be put on undeveloped field, cleaned field and ploughed field for the spring or autumn seeding.


Smoothing harrow levels surface unevenness, shares loosen soil to the required depth and stick roller optimally stiffens soil before seeding.


Machine type PK 300 PK 400 PK 450
Working width (m) 3 4 4,5
Shares number (pieces) 20 27 30
Shares spacing (cm) 15 15 15
Depth of processing (cm) do 10 do 10 do 10
Weight (kg) 540 670 740
Tractor performance (kW) 100 120 140

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