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O firmeThe farming cooperative Hlohovec was established in 1976 and apart from standard activities it also ensures the machine production focused to seeding machine and other agricultural machines. The pneumatic seeding machines PNEUSEJ are established and have been well known on our market for more than 20 years. In the recent years the machines have been successfully sold also on other markets all over Europe.

The machines are produced in five basic types - M, MK, MT, MV, FT1 and with working widths from 3m to 8m. Our company develops our own design with application of agricultural knowledge from experience and with use of pneumatic seeding system from Accord Company. We have established the cooperation with this company in 1987 on the basis of necessity to satisfy the needs of farmers on the former Czechoslovak market. To these days the PNEUSEJ seeding machines have presented a reliable solution for seeding of densely sown cereal grasses (wheat, rye, barley, oat) and also oil plants and leguminous plants (green pea, bean, French bean, spring vetch, corn, oilseed rape, soya beans, clover grass) and grasses with grains from 1mm to 10mm. The machines are characterized with precise dosing and economical seeding,
easy operation and therefore time saving properties, low investment compared with high quality.

O firmeBeside seeding machines, we also produce a passive tiller combinable with MK machine. It presents the cheaper alternative to rotary harrow. The other machines of our offer are the compaction equipment of silage and long fodder feed and crusher for vegetable debris designed for shredding of all kinds of straw, remnants after harvest (corn bark, potato tops, remnants of green pea and oilseed rape) and for shredding of summer shoots and mulching of weed vegetation and natural seeding.

PNEUSEJ seeding machines and also all other products are well balanced for requirements from practice. The wide offer of machines with various options creates the basis for successful growing of plants.

Purchase of any machine starts our long-term partnership. In order to support this relation we offer the high quality spare parts and well trained service staff.

O firme
Within the scope of other services, we provide also the machine production according to requirements of our customers (bending on Trumpf CNC press brake, material cutting by CNC laser Trumpf, lacquering by powder coating, metal shearing, welding, lathe work, milling work).

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