Working width 5 m – 6 m – 8 m

PNEUSEJ MVPNEUSEJ MV The main advantage of this machine is the hydraulic folding to the transport width of 3m, so that it is convenient for the aggregation with the machines for the soil preparation. The seeding machine itself is directly aggregated to the tractor.
Two dosers with central setting of sowing are embedded in the machine. Hydraulic folding of the markers enables comfortable handling at turning back or at pillars.

PNEUSEJ MVPNEUSEJ MV A beam of coulters is hydraulically hinged together with markers, S-harrowing springs or other supplementary equipment without need for manual interference of attendance.

Combination with mulching disc harrow.
Standard equipment

  • hopper 2000 l
  • mechanical drive of ventilator 1000 RPM
  • mechanical pressure of sowing coulters
  • sowing coulters – optional (knife, disc, DXD sowings)
  • lighting set with warning sheets for the transport on roads
  • hydraulically controlled markers to the centre or to the wheel of the tractor
  • stair
  • free wheel of metering drive
  • tyres 31x15,5-15


Supplementary equipment


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