Working width 6 m – 8 m

PNEUSEJ MTPNEUSEJ MT Low weight, big capacity of hoppers and working width 6 – 8m predetermine this machine to high performance at low costs. The advantageous position of the gravitational centre reduces need for lifting force (6MT from 70 kW). The seeding machine is equipped with two hoppers and two sowing mechanisms with the drive firmly built in the wheel of axle.

PNEUSEJ MTPNEUSEJ MT Transport position – the customer will appreciate especially simple adjusting of seeding machine from transport to operating position and vice-versa within several minutes. The machine is serially equipped with the device for the lengthwise drive when being transported.

Standard equipment
  • hopper 2x 1150 l
  • mechanical drive of ventilator 1000 RPM
  • mechanical pressure of sowing coulters
  • sowing coulters – optional (knife, disc, DXD sowings)
  • lighting set with warning sheets for the transport on roads
  • hydraulically controlled markers to the centre or to the wheel of the tractor
  • 2x stair
  • free wheel of metering drive
  • tyres 7,5x16
Supplementary equipment


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