working width 3m – 4m – 4,5 m

PNEUSEJ MKCPNEUSEJ MKC This seeding machine is an integrated combination of Pneusej seeding machine and rotary harrow. It is designed for soil preparation and seeding in one operation. The hopper located directly above rotary harrow is closer to a tractor and lowers the necessity of lifting power.

PNEUSEJ MKCPNEUSEJ MKC The hopper capacity is 1150 l and the larger volume of remaining seed can by removed through quick outlet. The new tighter cover equipped by new closing device allows full opening of the hopper.

Hydraulic markers are directly fixed to rotary harrow. They can be adjusted on the tractor centre or on the tractor wheel alternatively. The seeding machine is aggregated on CELLI rotary harrow.
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Standard equipment
  • hopper 1150 l
  • mechanical drive of ventilator 1000 RPM
  • mechanical pressure of sowing coulters
  • sowing coulters – optional (suffolk, disc, DXD)
  • lighting set with warning sheets for the transport on roads (for 3MKC)
  • hydraulically controlled markers adjusted on the tractor centre or on the tractor wheel alternatively (with shear pin)
  • stairs – 3 steps with platform
  • free wheel of metering drive (stepping wheel)
  • centrifugal fan clutch
Supplementary equipment


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