Working width 3m – 4m – 4,5m

PNEUSEJ MKCPNEUSEJ MKC The seeder is used in combination with active or passive soil processing machines. Its robust construction makes the unit suitable primarily to aggregation with larger size rotary hoes. A large-volume dispenser is placed in close proximity to tractor – for optimum position of seeding combination.

PNEUSEJ MKCPNEUSEJ MKCA 1600 liter dispenser ensures longer working intervals and reduces refill times needed for refills. Hydraulic markers (optional accessory) are fitted directly onto the rotary hoes. They can be alternatively set to center or the tractor wheel.

A rectangular bearing rod (jokl) guarantees increased sturdiness for the fitting of seeding units. These are fitted onto the rod using new design holders. The seeding unit thrust can be regulated from 27 to 44 kg per unit, hydraulic force is centrally set with a setting indicator located on dispenser.

Standard features
  • 1600 liter seeding dispenser
  • Mechanical drive fan, 1000 rpm
  • Hydraulic thrust of seeding units
  • Rectangular bearing rod (jolk) for seeding units
  • sowing coulters – optional (suffolk, disc, DXD)
  • Lighting set including warning placards for road transport (for 3MKC-magna)
  • 3 step staircase with platform
  • Dispenser drive freewheel (pacing wheel)
  • Centrifugal fan
  • clutch
Optional accessories


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