Working width 3 m – 4 m – 4,5 m

With its design this machine is intended for small and middle-sized areas. The placement of gravitational centre near the tractor is its main advantage, as it reduces requirements for the performance of drawing means. The required performance varies between 44 KW in 3M type to 66KW in 4,5MSh type. The machine can be easily connected directly to the tractor or the soil preparation machine by three-point linkage, whereby it is semi-mounted on its own wheels in operating position.

PNEUSEJ M, MSLow height of filling and the big opening facilitate filling of the hopper. The seed hopper is placed in such a way so that the weight may shift as close as possible to the tractor. Thereby the front axle of the tractor is more loaded and the control of the tractor is improved.

PNEUSEJ M, MSIn order to operate easy and save the time, the M machines are manufactured also in a hinged version (4–4.5m) – folding of sowing coulters beam to the transport width of 3m. MSh Type – hydraulically hinged.

Standard equipment

  • hopper 1150 l
  • mechanical drive of ventilator 1000 RPM
  • mechanical pressure of sowing coulters
  • sowing coulters – optional (knife, disc, DXD sowings)
  • lighting set with warning sheets for the transport on roads (for 3M, 4 – 4,5MS, MSh)
  • hydraulically controlled markers to the centre or to the wheel of the tractor
  • stair
  • free wheel of metering drive
  • tyres 23x8,5-12

Supplementary equipment


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