Working width 3 m – 4 m

Combination of a seed hopper (or fertilizer hopper) supported in the front and seeding coulters supported at the back. The seeding machine can be combined with various machines for soil preparation. The front part can be used for supplementary fertilizing in combination with seeding machine for precise sowing. The essential advantage of this machine is the even distribution of weight on the tractor, thus reducing the need for the performance by 20%.

FT1FT1FT1 seeding machine is equipped with seed hopper, ventilator and metering device placed in front of tractor, thus reducing the load of the back axle and improving the controllability of the tractor.

FT1 FT1The front hopper with the capacity of 1100 l can be easily aggregated to the tractor by means of three-point linkage. Such a hopper can be more easily filled by the transport scroll and BigBags system. The height of the filling is 130cm.

Standard equipment

Front part
  • hopper 1100 l
  • dosing unit for cereals and fine seed
  • mechanical drive of ventilator 1000 RPM
  • transport hose diam. 130 mm (8m)
  • transport tube diam. 140 mm (4m)
  • set of lights with direction lights
  • free wheel of land wheel drive
Rear part
  • frame, tube + distributor
  • sowing coulters - optional (knife, disc, DXD sowings)
  • mechanical pressure of sowing coulters
  • hydraulically controlled markers to the centre or to the wheel of the tractor
  • lighting set with warning sheets for the transport on roads
Supplementary equipment


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