24 or 32 outlets


Fronttank FT Fert is a solution which combines fertilization with seeding along the seeding line. Fronttank FT Fert consists of a front-mounted hopper, distribution head attached to the rear part and special entries for fertilizer. The front-mounted hopper doses the fertilizer which is consequently dispensed by the distribution head and placed to the seeding line by special entries.

Each press wheel has a special entry for delivering fertilizer. The seed is placed at the front and the fertilizer at the back of the disc. Seeds and fertilizer are thus placed in the same line. The placing depth of seeds and fertilizer can be regulated by press wheel.


The fertilizer is measured in front hopper and transported to seeding machine at the back. Capacity of hopper is 1100 liters (with extension 1700 liters). FT Fert is suitable for all types of granulated fertilizers.

The distribution head placed on rear part of the seeding machine provides an uniform distribution of fertilizer. This equipment can be mounted on seeding machines 3MKC, 4MKC, 3MKC-magna, 4MKC-magna, 3MK, 3M, 4M in service.

Standard equipment
  • frame
  • doser for fertilize
  • ventilator + mechanical drive of ventilator 1000 RPM
  • hoper 1100 l
  • stepping wheel with hydraulic lifting
  • transport hose diam. 130
  • transport tube diam. 140
  • set of lights for road transport
  • fast emptying of
  • free wheel lof land wheel drive
  • tube + distributor
  • sowing hoses
  • press wheels with fertilizer supplies (24 or 32 pieces)

Supplementary equipment

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