DXD coulters unit

DXD výsevná jednotka

DXD sowing coulters are designed for the conventional or minimizing sowing to mulch in the hardest soils with great quantity of post-harvesting plant residues. Mutual shifting and winding of discs enable seeding during dry climatic conditions as well as in increased soil humidity.


  • the placement of discs prevents sticking of soil on discs and their subsequent stopping
  • the shape of discs formats the seedbed, oppresses it softly and better maintains the depth of sowing
  • the shape and position of discs prevents the seeds by input in furrow
  • the narrow shape of sowing coulters allows working speed 15 km/h
  • sowing density from 9,4 cm


Don´t you want to spend the money for repairs of sowing coulters? Do you often have to change the bearings and bushes in your sowing coulters?
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DXD výsevná jednotka DXD výsevná jednotka

Advantages over competitors:

  • bigger double-row bearings resistant to axial forces, what increases incomparably the lifetime
  • pin of coulter´s holder is chrome-plated and placed in the non-ferrous bushes with teflon layer
  • pin and bearings are dust and water proof
  • stronger tube of sowing coulter


DXD výsevná jednotka DXD výsevná jednotka

behind the DXD sowing coulter is possible to mount pressure wheels:

  • improve meeting of sowing depth
  • enable better rising of plants - increase connection with soil
  • the placement of seed remains the same also at higher speeds


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